Kerala is many steps behind fixing a rate for the daily workers


The Rajasthan Labour Office has decided on fixing a rate for the daily workers and fixed hours for time which is to be eight hours. A worker exceeding the time limit has a provision to ask for overtime wages, which would be double the minimum rate per hour if the regular eight hour work is surpassed. The government fixed a sum of Rs 5,642 per month for eight hours for the daily work which includes dish washing, baby sitting, cooking and so on.

The Kerala labour office provides the following in different sections of household.

However, officers at Kerala Assistant Labour Office refused to speak out about the topic to Narada News when asked how much was paid to the workers in the State and excused saying the officer would be present at his seat only on every Wednesdays.


Domestic workers Minimum wages V.D.A (Variable Dearness Allowance) Total Wages Notification Date
Household workers 130 21.32 151.32 19th April 2010
Care takers (Children/elders) 134 0 134 9thMarch 2010
Cook 142 0 142
Other household workers 130 0 130
Maid/Driver/Gardener/Home Nurse (Part Time) 146 0 146
Home nurse (Full time) 150 0 150
Security/ Watch men/ Garden workers 142 0 142

The law has made it very clear in terms of the division of chores. For a worker who is to do only laundry and dishwashing for a four member family, the wage should be Rs705 per month. With an increase in the number of members, 10% extra should be added to the fixed wage.

The extra allowances like food, accommodation, clothes, day-offs are all left to the mercy of the hiring employer.

Dhanraj Sharma, additional labour commissioner of the Rajasthan Department said, “Domestic workers were included in Scheduled 27 of the Minimum Wages Act eight years ago. But, we have now fixed the number of working hours for them to ensure they are paid well.”

Surprise checks would be done in the districts of the State to ensure correct implementation of the law. This in turn would help the daily wagers as they were in peril not only in Rajasthan but in the whole of the country. Following the steps of the Rajasthan government, all State governments should implement such laws to promote and safeguard their esteem.