Intolerance and Make in India cannot work together: Tharoor

Congress mp Shashi Tharoor during the launch of book The political migration indian emigration in a globalized world in new delhi on monday.Express photo by Anil Sharma.18.01.2016

Boston: Former Minister and Congress leader Shashi Tharoor had taken a jibe at the Modi government in reference to the level of intolerance in the country.

Mr Tharoor had said that policies like ‘Make in India’ can not work in tandem with hatred against fellow Indians.

The remark was an indirect attack at the outrageous comments made by fellow members of the Bhartiya Janata Party that were undermining the country’s soft power.

The minister had stated that foreign direct investment (FDI), a key component of the modernization of the infrastructure and manufacturing sector, could only be attracted if the pluralistic values of the country are kept intact.

Before India tries to leverage its soft power to increase it’s standing in the world, Tharoor said first there is a need to fix the problem at the domestic front.

He also said that before India tries to leverage her image to the rest of the world, she needs to solve pertinent issues in relation to the domestic front,

“For us to be credible as a nation that enjoys and wields soft power, we have to fix our domestic problems first. The truth is that we have to do enough to keep our people, healthy, well and secure not just from jihadi terrorism,” said Mr Tharoor.

He also told the Indian students that one of his investor friends decided against investing in India because of acts of intolerance in the country.

During his address, he mentioned an anecdote about his investor friend who backed off from investing due to the intolerant atmosphere in India.

Mr Tharoor was addressing the Harvard University’s annual Indian convention 2016.