Let Net Nuetrality be Here; At least to make those unheard voices clear

“How many years can some people exist                                                 before they’re allowed to be free?”The person who enjoys the...

Let Net Nuetrality be Here; At least to make those unheard voices clear

trai“How many years can some people exist

                                                 before they’re allowed to be free?”

The person who enjoys the essence of Freedom at least once in his life time cant be enslaved by any one. Through out the long history of the mankind, The people who controls the matrix was allergic to freedom. The persons who professed about freedom was crucified by the System. Their long tales and songs about Freedom always remain unheard. While free speech and freedom sprouts and grows through the expression from true self, there had always been attempt to  stop the songs of freedom.

India is now in a holy crusade for free internet. The exotic amalgamation of Right wing Politics with World's known Corporate  reintroduced the free basics  . Its Second resurrection is as Digital India, A fool's paradise where every Cattle class Indian can enjoy the taste of Western charity in the form of Internet. The Digital India is as much threatening as Free basics. By creating the delusion of false patriotism through tricolour profile pictures, Facebook is all set to monopolise the Internet, the last resort of free speech. More than four months, Our media scape is celebrating Modi's revolutionary Silicon Valley episode. The careful analysis on Digital's India easily shows that the last laugh is of Corporates and this time its Ache Din for Mark Zuckerburg and his Facebook.

Net neutrality is essential for the existence of a free Internet world. Just as your phone company has no right to decide on whom you can call or what you can say in a call, Internet Service Providers (ISP's) shouldn't be concern about what you view and what you post. The  attempts of Corporates to attack net neutrality would fragment the Internet to slow and fast lanes. Any ISP's can block or slow down the competitors content or mute the political dissent voice.Our neighbouring Country China with total government controlled Internet is now trying to gamify the obedience to the state through Internet sesame games.If net neutrality becomes a fairytale, same fate awaits us also.

The latest ruling by the Telecom watchdog TRAI is a ray of hope. TRAI on Monday ruled out that "No service provider shall enter into any arrangement, agreement or contract, by whatever name called, with any person, natural or legal, that has the effect of discriminatory tariffs for data services being offered or charged by the service provider for the purpose of evading the prohibition in this regulation,”

Television and Mainstream media is already used by corporates as a mind controlling device. This carefully crafted design is catalysing System to declare war build upon 'body of lies' and to carry out flag attacks to justify inhumaneness. For a world which forgot to celebrate the ecstasy of a rainbow world, Internet is the last hope. While the alienated voices are denied their space in the mainstream media, Internet acts as a tool for them to express their true self.The Captains of the ship build up on the feudal norms of caste, race, colour,identity and gender are really in afraid of this power of Free Internet world which makes marginalised voice clearly audible in the blowing wind.