Any curves in the house, be proud!

Most women who dream and aspire to slide into their old pair of jeans, would have gotten hold of the book written by Rujuta Diwekar, right after...

Any curves in the house, be proud!

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Most women who dream and aspire to slide into their old pair of jeans, would have gotten hold of the book written by Rujuta Diwekar, right after Kareen Kapoor posted her size-zero look.  If you are one of them who have tried diets including apple diet, pumpkin diet, juice diet and the common paleo and GM diet, you might want to read further.

Recently, there was a troll on Facebook which read that 9 men out of 10 prefer women with curves and the 10

th man prefer the other 9 men.  It is true that the stigma about being size zero has been imprinted in us. However, very few realize that people come in different shapes and sizes. If these women do not have a problem with their physicality why should we have a problem with it?

It wont be an exaggeration to say that the stigma still exists. That was proved when a woman recently posted on a social networking site describing her experience while shopping for her wedding. The plus-sized woman walked into a top clothing store in Mumbai and since she couldn’t find the right sized wedding attire for her, she inquired the salesman where she could get the dress for her size. The reply of the salesman was insulting and he was fired from his job. He said, “You could get at the gym.” The incident stayed in air for a couple of months with a lot of organisations and activists commenting on the issue.

However, society has started to accept plus sized women and do not look down up on them anymore. They can do anything that zero sized women can and the prejudice is long gone. The concept of staying healthy has come up rather than toning down. There was a whole wrong concept tapped into the brain that to be healthy you need to be thin.

Even men prefer big women, because they are confident in the way they carry themselves provided they are big but healthy at the same time.

Talking to Kavitha Niroop, a yoga practitioner of Art of living said, “Rather than the physical effect yoga is mainly practiced for its effect on the mind. Practicing yoga helps a person to bring his mind and breathing to one focal point. Beauty and appearance is not that matters and yoga has nothing to do with weight but it focuses more on health.”

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan post her delivery period, moved on to yoga to remain fit and healthy as a pre-step to getting back to movies rather than working out and shedding her sweat in the gym.

IT professionals mostly practice yoga to calm their temper and work pressure. Gayathri Ajith, Director at Schogini Inc said, "Yoga is very relaxing and I do it to remain flexible and healthy. It is not fast and the yoga postures are very calming and soothing. It gives me a lot of clarity before I set off to work."

Pathanjali Yoga Centre in Trivandrum provides services for a period of 20 days where all women irrespective of age approaches the centre. According to them, “usually women who are not thin are much more flexible than thinner women. They are health conscious and not weight conscious," they said.

What the world needs to understand is that their curvy body is never a limitation to a woman's capabilities. When life gives you curves, flaunt on them girls!

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