J Jayalalithaa slams opposition parties for spreading lies against AIADMK government

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J Jayalalithaa , CM Tamil Nadu

J Jayalalithaa , CM Tamil Nadu

In a sharp attack on the opposition parties in the state, Chief Minister J Jayallithaaa, has  lambasted them  for carrying out a “campaign of lies” against AIADMK and the government, alleging that their aim was to criticise as they were unable to “digest” state’s progress.  In a bid  to enthuse party cadres ahead of elections, she said they should not be cowed down by such a campaign but further strengthen their resolve to ensure the party’s grand victory in the coming elections.

“Opposition parties which have no concern f for the welfare of Tamil Nadu or its people have been carrying out a campaign of lies. Their only aim is to criticise AIADMK which has the people’s support,” she said.

In her address at a mass marriage of party functionaries including that of Ministers’ children, AIADMK General Secretary said that such a campaign of lies “is a yardstick of our growth.” “They are criticising us because they are unable to digest our growth. This is the yardstick of our growth,” she added.

Jayalalithaa asked her supporters not to be bogged down by such criticism as AIADMK functioned in lines with Dravidian veteran C N Annadurai’s policy that criticism boosts the zeal to make the pursuit towards achievements.

The party supporters should strive hard and “I kindly request you to do the adequate field work to ensure our grand victory in the polls,” she added. “If you cannot do it, who else can? I am confident that you will certainly do it (ensuring victory),” she said. Elections to the state are due in about two months even as the ruling AIADMK is facing criticism from opposition parties over a series of issues.