A cup of tea or sex, consent is important

What do jeans, noodles, Facebook and cell phones have in common?

All are painfully absurd reasons stated by our beloved leaders as to why rape remains a big problem in India. Unfortunately, after the December 12 gang rape, many leaders had condemned the girl for being out too late. A Godman proclaimed she should have yelled out ‘Brother, please don’t hurt me’. Oh, by the way, a foreigner (disciple) had pressed rape charges against the aforementioned Godman. Maybe, she didn’t know the secret code.

A series of rape in India has placed the issue of women’s safety in the limelight. In Northern India, very often new cases of rape have been reported. The last one being about two girls, who were abducted, raped and hung from a tree in Badaun district of Uttar Pradesh.

With statements ranging from ‘boys will be boys, women should not be drinking and to not wearing jeans, I have decided to explain to our readers the definition of consensual sex. A topic, many of my fellow brethren don’t understand or were not taught as more importance was given to ‘Bhartiya Sanskaar’.

What is consensual sex?

Consent is defined as an agreement between both parties in a sexual encounter, importantly either of them may withdraw their consent at any time or stop the activity.

Consenting to a particular behaviour need not necessarily mean that either of the party agrees with any other behaviour and consenting on one occasion does not obligate either of the parties to consent on all other occasions.

Confused? Well, with your consent, Prof ‘Cup of tea’ shall explain further