Budget presentation in Kerala

oomen chandy

Kerala: Unlike previous years, this year, the Chief Minister Oommen Chandy is in charge of the budget and its presentation, following the resignation of Finance Minister K M Mani due to the record of allegations against him asserting his involvement and possession of disproportionate assets.

The interim budget presentation has commenced in Kerala on Friday. With the elections due in April, it is only a matter of time, to decide whether the assembly will end its term by passing the vote-on-account.

The current budget plan presented by the UDF government might be the only chance for UDF to grab some votes before the upcoming elections. Every time a pre-election budget is presented, is over-written by the winning party post elections.

This time if the UDF wins the election they will have to present the election one more time with adequate changes made to it.

Presenting the budget is a major constitutional responsibility of the government. Since the budget is a top secret document, it is prepared under stringent security cover. First the finance department invites recommendations from other departments and it is the finance minister’s prerogative to choose from the recommendations.

The policy decisions are made by the cabinet. The budget prepared both in English and Malayalam is prepared after much scrutiny. The phones are restricted, the finance department will have much more security and the three people with the full knowledge of the budget will be the Finance Secretary, Chief Minister, and Finance Minister.

After making the changes, the documents will be sent to the press for printing. Those involved in printing of the budget documents are not allowed to use the phone or leave the press until the documents are handed over to the cabinet ministers.

Budget copies will be taken to the assembly under strong security minutes before the speech begins. They will be distributed first to members and then the media.