Australia keen to be part of PM Modi's Make in India initiative

[caption id="attachment_266338" align="alignleft" width="450"] Australia , Sydney[/caption]In a  fillip to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his...

Australia keen to be part of PM Modi

[caption id="attachment_266338" align="alignleft" width="450"]Australia , Sydney Australia , Sydney[/caption]

In a  fillip to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his 'Make  in India initiative',  Australia  have expressed interest and  will hence  take part in Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led government's 'Make in India' week in Mumbai with a delegation of 30 government and business leaders representing a range of Australian expertise in multiple sectors.

Acting Australian High Commissioner, Chris Elstoft, said Australia's engagement in 'Make in India Week' would be an important step in helping convert business opportunities into outcomes for the two nations. "Each of the sectors from Australian business taking part in the event will be crucial to India achieving its 'Make in India' dream," he said.

"As Prime Minister Modi suggested when he visited Australia, in every area of national priority for India, he sees Australia as a natural partner - this delegation embodies that seamless fit between Indian priorities and Australian capability," he added.

The sectors represented include energy, resources and water, industrial design, infrastructure investment, pharmaceutical research, agribusiness, metals recycling for manufacturing inputs, and agribusiness.

Australia will host a Country Session to showcase Australian expertise across a number of sectors and profile its engagement in India by large corporations to small companies.