Rare pictures depicting India’s tryst with the radio service

Every year February 13th is celebrated as the World Radio Day as it was on this day, in the year 1946,  that the UN Radio was established. Radio has the power to connect with people all over the world and bring them together.

This year will be the 70th year anniversary of the UN Radio and it aptly coincides with the World Radio day. Today we celebrate radio as a platform for freedom of expression and international cooperation between broadcasters and most importantly encourage equal access to information.

Radio broadcasting services in India commenced in the year 1920. In the year 1923, the first programme was aired by the Radio Club of Bombay. Further down the lane, broadcasting services were setup, with two privately owned transmitters located in Bombay and Calcutta. The government took over the radio services in 1930 under the banner Indian Broadcasting Service. In 1936, it was renamed as All India Radio and later to Akashvani in 1957.