Viral video exposes ABVP Conspiracy to defame JNU

jnuA video widely circulating in the social media unviels the real culprits behind the pro-pakistani slogan rised in Capital city’s pioneer educational institute…

‘Pakistan Zindabad’slogan was not raised by  ‘Afzal guru ka bachche’ and ‘communist dogs’…it was none ….but from the mouth of the  highly patriotic Akhil Bharthiya Vidyarthi Parishad workers in JNU !!!

The video posted by ‘Freedom for all Rohiths’ in Youtube unfolds the ABVP’s attempt to tarnish the image of JNU infront of the public.


The video shows ABVP activists responding to Pakistan Zindabad slogan by saying zindabad zindabad…..same activists can be seen in the ABVP demonstration also.

Earlier, the JNUSU President said that the sedition case against him was framed because he defeated the ABVP candidate in the students union election.

ABVP is playing its jingoist nationalistic drama under the hashtag #shut down jnu by igniting the patriotic emotion. Large numbers of posters portraying JNU as a hub of anti-nationals is been circulated in the social media.


Despite the ideological differences almost thousands of people including students and faculties are protesting against the undeclared emergency in educational institutions.