Union Home Minister should make claims based on evidence: Congress


New Delhi: The Indian National Congress had slammed the Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh’s irresponsible statement alleging the support of terrorist organisation for the JNU event. The minister at a recent press conference stated that the event had received support from terror outfit LeT founder Hafiz Saeed. The opposition has demanded the minister to show evidence of the support.

“The Home Minister should be careful when he makes statements. What he says holds immense value and without any evidence or proof, he must not make such an irresponsible statement that JNU students’ protests are being backed by Hafiz Saeed,” said Congress leader PL Punia

The opposition had accused the Home Minister of associating the JNU event with Hafiz Saeed based on a fake twitter account. Congress spokesperson alleged that Mr Singh was prone to such gaffes, as is evident from the recent Pathankot attack when he had congratulated the NSG for their operation even prior to the operation being completed.

The opposition also slammed the arrests and detentions made without any concrete evidence stating that it is against democratic ethos.