Stalker followed Dipti for months; knew the brand of chips she liked: Police


New Delhi: The recent abduction of snap deal employee Ms Dipti Sarna had sent jitters within the Delhi community. The Ghaziabad Police on Monday arrested the main accused and four others in connection with the abduction. According to police sources, the main accused had been stalking the victims for over a few months.

The police stated that the stalker was highly infatuated with Sarna. He saw her for the first time in Rajiv Chowk Metro Station and had been following her since then. Interestingly, the stalker did not intend to hurt her at all, rather he wanted her to fall in love similar to the plot of Shah Rukh Khan’s film ‘Darr’

Devender confessed to the police about his love for Dipti and how he had planned the kidnapping meticulously.

The modus operandi involved the stalker using two autos as he knew her mode of commute to home was autorickshaw. He had lured the other accused by claiming that she was a top business woman and the kidnapping would get them ransom money.

The stalker was well versed with her taste, including the brand of chips she liked. The plan involved a heroic escape of Dipti from her abductors and this would, in turn, convince her to fall for him. When the operation did not go as planned, he allegedly threatened to harm her boyfriend.