Prior to Budget session Modi soothes ruffled opposition feathers


New Delhi: Prior to the budget session at the end of the month, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has invited leaders of all major parties for a meeting in the Parliament today. The leaders have been invited to discuss about the upcoming budget session and most importantly the smooth functioning of the parliament. The Parliament session would commence from the 23rd of this month.

In the backdrop of virtual washout of proceedings in the last two sessions this meeting should be considered significant. The last two sessions were unproductive due to a host of issues. This session would see the government push for key reforms like GST and Labour Laws.

However sources within the party claim that it not an all party meeting as the government does not intend to reveal the bills that are meant to be introduced at this session. The meeting is being held at the South Block and is rare initiative by PM Modi. The sources stated that the government is trying to reach out to the opposition to prevent a washout.