A window seat to Kashmir


Mumbai: For Imtiaz Ali, the storyteller, it is the thrill of telling new stories that keep him alive. He explores romanticism through his movies; each of his films, be it Socha Na Tha, Jab We Met, Highway or Rockstar, it brings us a new perspective into the mystery that is love. With his fair share of dissenters, he still sticks to his template of witnessing love from a different angle. Most of the time two confused lovers go through a journey to find true love, mostly within them or outside. With his innate understanding of human relationships and adorable characters, Imtiaz Ali brings a new novelty to the story every time.Before breaking into films, he involved himself in the theater.

The short film Window Seat in Kashmir directed by Imtiaz Ali showcases a day in the life of a shikarawala on the Dal Lake in Srinagar. That Imtiaz has a thing for Kashmir is well known. He’s shot two of his recent films, Rockstar & Highway, there. The description claims that the film is his homage to the simplicity and beauty of Kashmir – through the eyes of a shikarawala.