JNU Students gifted rose to Zee news reporter

_MG_6006Although the Zee news is busy with running hash tag likes #shut down JNU and continuing the media trail on Umar Khalid and rest of the JNUites,JNU greets the zee news reporter with a rose.
“This is tolerance,stop spreading lies”said JNU students while gifting the flower to the reporter.

An open letter wrote by a JNU student to Zee news is trending in the social media. The letter by Maitreyee Shukla is as follows:

The doctored video by Zee News, India News and News X are the main reason behind the Anti-JNU wave and Kanhaiya’s arrest.
Through its cooked up stories and media trails, Zee TV and the other channels are manufacturing the public consent.
Some sources said that there are many posters put up in Delhi branding JNU students as terrorists and traitors.
Maryam Fathima, Umar Khalid’s sister posted on Facebook
“We don’t win this by fighting for some and not for others.
Are you going to desert us when it seems like our world is crashing down all around us? When there are posters in the city calling for his death? When his track record of being a communist is being forgotten and he is being painted as a religious fundamentalist all over national television? When his mother and siblings (including his 12-year old sister) are being threatened with violence?
He has been fighting on behalf of the most marginalized, dispossessed people in the country for years. He has turned down opportunities to leave “