Sacred science

[caption id='attachment_267007' align='aligncenter' width='625'] Sacred science[/caption]If you want to get lost in the trip of sacred science,...

Sacred science

[caption id="attachment_267007" align="aligncenter" width="625"]Machilot-bhagavati-Theyyam Sacred science[/caption]

If you want to get lost in the trip of sacred science, backpack yourself to Kerala for Theyyam or Theyyattam. chances are that you will hear the rhythmic thumping of feet accompanied by hypnotic chants back to over a 1500 years.

There are more than 450 types of Theyyams, each with its unique aspects.A Theyyam Performer almost showed up in red. The body is often smeared with green and the headdress more elaborate than any ethnic ramp. The peak Theyyam season is November to March, though January is the most hectic month for the red trippers. Some theories say these dancers actually assume the form of God and are not mere impersonations.

Have a check on this slow motion video of Theyyam.

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