dastaan-sedtnJNU is now a battle. A battle between the facts and those cooked up facts. A battle with the sexist,authoritarian fascist regime.
On one side, the right wing and corporate stenographers are fighting the battle with fake twitter handle,doctored video, photoshopped image and distorted facts.On the other side, some journalist are countering it with facts and exposing the fake videos.
Friday night witnessed a creative resistance by a group of team in solidarity with JNU. Team Dastangoi performed an updated version of “Dastan-e-Sedition” at JNU. Anusha Rizvi,the director of ‘Peepli Live’, produced the performance.
Those who missed the fabulous performance have a look .The video uploaded by Akhil Kumar on YouTube can be seen below.

Dastangoi is a 16th century Urdu oral storytelling form. Dastango,the story teller, is the centre of the act.His voice is main tool in orally recreating the dastan or the story.