‘Acid Attack’ against Soni Sori in Bastar

soni-soriAAP leader and Adivasi activist Soni Sori was attacked near  Kodenar in Bastar. Two unidentified men threw chemical on Soni’s face resulting intense burning and pain.

Sources said that she was first taken to Geedam Hospital and then transfered to Maharani hospital in Jagdalpur.

The shocking incident happened on Saturday night when Soni along with her two associates travelling towards Geetam from Jagdalpur. Two unidentified men travelling on a motor cycle threw acid like substance on her.

Soni Sori has been receiving several threats for her continued effort to empower the adivasis. For the past few months,she has been hounded by angry mob.

Before two days  she was asked to evict her residence in Geedam on an allegation that her house was built on encroached land.

According to a report in India Resists,The physical attack on her comes at the heels of the forced eviction of the jagdalpur legal aid group which left jagdalpur a few hours before the incident.

Aaam Aadmi party members demands heavy security for Soni Sori who has been fighting for the poor and innocent tribal rights.

Some activists alleged that the land encroachment case against Soni was framed as she took a brave stand on a police encounter of an innocent tribal man named Hadma Kashyap in Bastar district.