JNU Row:Bassi under criticism

The Presumption of innocence, is the principal of criminal jurisprudence, that one is considered innocent until proven guilty.
Delhi-police-commissioner-bs-bassiDelhi Police Commissioner B.S Bassi is widely critisized by the tweeters for his stand in JNU issue.

A petition was filed on Saturday accusing Bassi of influencing the investigation of sedition case against the JNUSU President Kanhaiya Kumar. Media reports that the petitioner alleged that Bassi was “playing at the hands”of certain political parties.

Evidence widely circulating in the social media exposes the doctored video and fake twitter handle which the DelhiPOlice used as a main evidence against the accused.

On Monday, Bassi’s statement on the fate of the five JNU students accused of sedition created a huge controversy.

As the lawyers who assaulted the Journalist and Professors and the people who propogate hatredspeech are roaming out freely,people are questioning the selective Police action.