Drunk Passenger onboard London flight penalized with hefty fine

Air India

London: A drunk passenger on an Air India flight from India to Birmingham was slapped with a hefty 1,000-pound penalty for urinating in the aisle, shocking the crew and sparking angry protests from other passengers.

Jinu Abraham, 39, who was travelling with his 10-year-old son, was handcuffed and restrained with seat belts and arrested when the flight landed in Birmingham and later fined 300 pounds by the Birmingham Crown Court.

During the flight, he had become aggressive after drinking alcohol, declining crew’s request to get back to his seat. The airline was not available for comments on the incident.

“About 40 minutes prior to landing he removed his trousers and stood in the aisle. He pulled down his boxer shorts and then began urinating on the floor and seat of the aircraft,” said prosecuting lawyer John Cardiff

Mr Abraham’s lawyer Alan Newport said that he had a mix up at the airport in India had led to his medication placed in the hold.

“He was shocked and surprised about what was said about his behaviour. He accepts it must have been incredibly upsetting for passengers and crew and possibly frightening for those people on board in that confined environment,” Mr Newport said.