#SexAndDrugsAtJNU; ;’Bharathiya Sanskriti’ through blatant lies

BJPThe  story of Germany’s Heidelberg University is relevent in current India’s political situation. Untill 1933, the University was a hub of liberals and tolerate everyone and promotes rational thinking. Many of the German intellectuals hails from there. After 1933, the Nazi party used the law of Gleichschaltung (process by which Nazi Germany successively established a system of totalitarian control and coordination over all aspects of society) to get rid of the politically and racially undesirable elements (Jews and marxists). By 1939,one third of the University staff,including Non-Aryans and marxists, were ejected from the University and replaced with Nazi ideologues and bureaucrats. Rest of the staff keep silent and worked for the Nazi ideologies of racial purity and German expansionism.

The reactions of BJP politicians like Giriraj Singh, Smrithi Irani, Rajnath Singh, Gyandev Ahuja etc towards the JNU issue and interventions of HRD ministry in educational institutions ranging from IIT to JNU is indicating the deathknell of rationality in the Indian soil. There a lots of Goebbels waiting in the array to decide ‘what the nation needs to know’.

The hashtag #SexAndDrugsAtJnu clearly shows the height of hatred sponsored by BJP and their allies in tarnishing the educational institutions. Here are some of the tweets.