Smriti Aunty’s question and Wikipedia’s answer

Smriti Irani Speech in Parliamt

Smriti Irani Speech in Parliamt

Yesterday the Parliament witnessed a soap opera. In an emotional performance, Smriti Irani, an education minister turned TV serial actor, succeeded in satisfying her BJP bosses.  ” “Mera naam Smriti Irani hai meri jaat bata kar dikhao (My name is Smriti Irani, I challenge you to tell my caste), by these single dialogue Smriti became the new superstar by fore running Shahrukh Khan and Talaiva Rajnikanth ,who impresses  the crowd with one liner punch dialogues.

Smriti’s challenge is seriously taken by the Social media. Netizen’s around the world united to accomplish the herculian task of Manusmriti Irani’s caste. But the task was not as challenging. Wikipedia, an ‘antinational product’ ,makes the task very much easier.

Now the nation wants to know our honourable HRD minister’s caste. The compiled answer for the question is as follows:

Name: Smt. Smriti Zubin Irani
Father’s Name : Shri Ajay Kumar Malhotra
Mother’s Name: Shrimati Shibani Bagchi

1. “Malhotra or Mehra or Mehrotra or Mehlotra a Khatri family surname originating from Punjab region of India and Pakistan. Malhotra are now settled in India and they are either Hindus or Sikhs.

Along with the Khanna and Kapoor clans, the Malhotra (Mehra, Mehrotra and Mehlotra may also be included) clan forms the Dhai Ghar (“21⁄2 families”), that later expanded into the char ghar of the Khatri clan hierarchy.”

2.”The Bhatariya, Maitreya, Satar, Gayokar, Baghshree, and Laheria villages soon gave birth to the Bengali Brahmin clans with surnames Bhaduri, Maitra/Moitra, Sanyal, Gain/Gayen, Bakshi/Bagchi, and Lairi/Lahiri. They came to be known as the Kulin Varendra (Barendra) Brahmins of Bengal, and are considered to be at the apex of Bengal’s caste hierarchy along with Kayasthas and Baidyas.”

“Kulin Brahmins are the Bengali Brahmins who can trace themselves to the five families of Kanauj who migrated to Bengal. The five families were of the five different gotras (Shandilya, Bharadwaj, Kashyap, Vatsya and Swavarna). They are widely believed to be at the apex of Bengal’s Hindu caste hierarchy.”