A letter by BJP MP warns AMU VC not to conduct anti-BJP events.

aligarh-muslim-university-students-protest-in-delhi-for-minority-status_201213092518After JNU now its AMU’s turn. A letter by BJP MP Satish Gautam to the Aligarh VC warns Aligarh Muslim University not to follow its counterpart JNU’s footsteps in organizing anti-BJP programs.

The letter dated on February 22 to AMU VC Zameer Uddin Shah said that the University is only inviting the people with anti-BJP views for seminars and conferences.

The Aligarh MP, a member of University’s governing body AMU court, also accuses that in the recent weeks the University witnessed a lot of “anti-government and anti-BJP functions”.

According to various media reports, the letter signed by Gautam states that the guests have a divisive mindset and thier discussions get diverted from the “original subject and turn into a stage for opposing the Centre, Sangh and BJP”.

The letter warns the Aligarh VC that “everybody knows  the recent agitation at JNU” was at the behest of “anti-national” elements and authorities were also aware of the attempts being made to spread “similar sentiments” in other universities of the country.

The MP also asked the VC to take the suggestion seriously and inform him after the necessary follow up actions.

The VC however refuted the arguments and said that as a proud army man who served his country for more than 40 years, he is well aware of his responsibilities and he will not tolerate or allow any anti—national activities .