History through animated shorts.

“History is the best novel you’ve ever read. It’s full of betrayals and blood feuds, heroic sacrifices, impossible triumphs, and the daily struggles that add up to momentous change”Untitled

A new venture by Extra Credits, a video lesson series focused on gaming, is presenting the snap short of history in animated shorts. The tale of the World War II, Nazi History, Middle East, Byzantine Empire etc can be viewed in an interesting animated manner. Through a humanistic approach and artistic way, Extra History is transforming the dry history topics to visually appealing.

The video series is freely available for anyone to watch on You Tube.

Extra Credit is familiar to the YouTube audience for its different take on arts,industry and video games. The unique design which avoids the Information overflow is the main secret behind the grand success of this You Tube Page.The exciting pacing curve is also another factor which keeps the viewer engaged.

Just search Extra History in the You Tube for a vibrant exploration of History which is otherwise felt boring and dry.