Facebook's new 'Emotical' plot

[caption id="attachment_267789" align="aligncenter" width="651"] Pic Courtesy:www.wired.com[/caption]Facebook recently upgraded the like button with...


[caption id="attachment_267789" align="aligncenter" width="651"]Pic Courtesy:www.wired.com Pic Courtesy:www.wired.com[/caption]

Facebook recently upgraded the like button with a bunch of new emoticons. With cute emoticons,a user can now "like","love," "haha," "wow," "sad" or "angry" a friend's post. "Like" button always falls little insensitive when the situation is not positive, with the new set of emoticons Facebook is trying to solve the problem to an extend. But is the new 'enhancement' only for it or is there any other hidden intention behind these new evolution??

A report from Tech.Mic states that, while we are earning little inch of emotional nuance from these buttons, Facebook gains a mile in the ways it can manipulate and keep tabs on us.

Facebook officials confirmed to the Tech.Mic that it will use the data gathered when you use the emoticons to alter your News feed and learn more about what you like. Your preference to be a 'national' or 'anti national', to be a 'sickular' or 'sanghi' will be carefully observed by the big brother and will tailor your News feed to things Facebook thinks you want to see.

This tailoring will effect on how news organizations report,how political campaigns shape their eve message and even have an impact on how a propagandist can reach to a larger audience. As critics warned, Facebook's intention is not to provide you adequate information but to keep you engaged through limitless scrolling and clicking. Remember, your each and every micro second in Facebook is an income for Zuckerberg & co!!!!

"If Facebook's goal is to change your behavior, they need to know your psychological response to photos and videos the same way the tobacco industry needs to know people's brain chemistry when choosing additives in cigarettes. For Facebook to compete with Snapchat and Twitter, it needs to water their algorithms with something better, and your emotions are a
superfood", reported Tech.Mic.

Although Tech.Mic received clarification Wednesday afternoon that for now, an expressive emoji is still counted by the News Feed algorithm as a "like, in future it can be changed. To expel yourself from being a guinea pig for these new Social Engineering effort, just stick to the "like" button instead of using the new emojis.