Life threat to News reporter for allegedly defaming goddess Durga

sindhuThe misogny face of Sangh parivar in Kerala is unveling again as they are showering the Asianet News Chief coordinating Editor Sindhu Suryakumar with sexually explicit abuses and life threats for allegedly defaming Goddess Durga.

On Friday, She moderated a discussion on ‘Mahishasur Jayanthi celebration’ with Congress MP Anto Antony, CPI(M) MP MB Rajesh and Kerala BJP spokesperson VV Rajesh as panelists. As the anchor of the show, Sindhu asked “how the act of celebrating Mahashishura Jayanthi could be considered treason against the nation?”.

After the discussion,She recieved thousands of phone calls with in two days following a rumour on social media that she had made derogatory remarks on  goddess Durga during the ‘Newshour’ program.

“Since Friday night, I’ve been threatened with beatings, even death with most calling me a sex-worker. I guess I must have had almost 2000 calls till now with people even calling me from abroad.” Ms. Suryakumar said to the media.
CPIM Kerala State Secretary Kodiyeri Balakrishnan accused the Sangh Parivar with making death threats to Sindhu. He alleged that the Sangh Parivar had publicized her mobile, landline number and also her Facebook account. The widely circulating messages in Whats app and Social media is instigating violence against Sindhu, he wrote in Facebook.
Sindhu had lodged a complaint with the Trivandrum  City Police Commissioner after she received death threats over phone from anonymous callers.