Acting and spoken english classes for sex workers: West Bengal Government


West Bengal: Sonagachi, Asia’s largest red light area, located in West Bengal, is all set to begin a new phase for a section of their sex workers. The sex workers will be trained in acting, dancing and singing, so they can ready themselves for a career in films and television soaps.

The girls rescued by NGOs from flesh trade, sex workers who want to leave their profession, and children of sex workers, will undergo a workshop training program. They will be trained by the professional in the respective fields.

The project has been titled ‘Muktir Alo’ or ‘Light of Freedom’ and is considered to be dear to Mamta Banerjee, the Chief Minister of West Bengal. The project is aimed at giving sex workers and their children an opportunity to return to society.

“This is a second phase of the rehabilitation programme for the sex workers and their family members and those girls who have been rescued from flesh trade. In this project, we aim to train them in dancing/ acting and singing, so that they can get an opportunity in movies and serials,” said state women development and social empowerment minister, Sashi Panja

The West Bengal government has always been in the forefront with regards to initiating rehabilitation projects. Vocational training, along with workshops on sewing and weaving are some of the projects that have been introduced. Yet, many have claimed that these projects have not been successful because they were not financially lucrative.

The WDSE minister is already in talks with producers and directors of the film fraternity in order to pursue this project and help the rehabilitated sex workers get a break in the television industry.

Spoken English classes have also been included in the acting course.