All Religions Anti-Women -Taslima

Condemning the rising fundamentalism in the society, Bangladeshi writer on exile in India, Taslima Nasrin has said that most of the religions are anti-women and the extremists are making it further worst.

While speaking at the Kerala Literature Festival, the controversial author has also asked why the Indian secularists are only criticizing Hindu fundamentalists and not the Islamic extremists. She said India is a tolerant land, but with some intolerant people who are creating disruption.

“I think most people are quite tolerant of each others’ faith. The laws in India do not support intolerance. But there are so many intolerant people in this country”, she said.

Calling ‘pseudo secularism’ as an aberration for a true democracy, Taslima added that today India is waging a battle between secularism and fundamentalism, between innovation and tradition, between humanity and barbarianism, and between people who value freedom and who don’t.

The writer has damned the 2015 Dadrin mob lynching incident, and praised her Indian counterparts who returned their Sahitya Akademi awards, thus showing a unique mode of protest silently.