Amit Shah deputes Ram Madhav to discuss government formation with Mehbooba Mufti


Ram Madhav

Ram Madhav

The logjam over government formation in Jammu and Kashmir is still on. But  chances of government formation are slowly gathering pace again .  BJP General Secretary Ram Madhav  said talks between BJP and PDP are going on.  According to media reports, the  BJP president Amit Shah has now authorised Ram Madhav to fly to Jammu and Kashmir and discuss with Mehbooba Mufti about government formation.

“We are communicating with each other. It is not that communication between us has broken down,” Madhav, who had played a key role in forging the alliance, said. BJP sources sounded hopeful of resurrecting the alliance that ruled the state for over 10 months under Mufti Mohammad Sayeed but the two parties have been unable to come together after his daughter Mehbooba Mufti took over PDP following his death.

Asked about new conditions put forth by PDP for the resumption of alliance, they said BJP had shared its views too with the regional party and talks were continuing. PDP is believed to be asking the central government to make some concessions on its Kashmir-centric political agenda, including relaxation in controversial Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act, a demand the BJP has rejected in the past.

PDP is also pushing for more financial assistance to the state from the Centre. The regional party apprehends that its alliance with BJP has cost it some popular support and it can recover the lost ground only by pushing its core agenda.

Moreover,  Mehbooba Mufti had reportedly declined to discuss any government formation arrangements with the BJP before the 40-day mourning period for her father, late Jammu and Kashmir chief minister Mufti Mohammad Sayeed, ended. Sayeed died in a New Delhi hospital on January 7 and the 40-day mourning period ends on February 16. One hopes with the  talks  the BJP- PDP finally settle down to form a long – awaited government .