Chances of finding Soldiers buried in Avalanche pretty slim: Army


Avalanche good

Siachen: 10 soldiers of the Army’s 19 Madras Battalion were buried in an avalanche in Siachen on Wednesday morning. Despite rescue operations the chances of finding any survivors are slim according to the Army. The post where the avalanche occurred was at a height of 19,600 feet and the rarefied atmosphere and  extremely low temperatures make the rescue operations all the more difficult.  A Junior Commissioned Officer and 9 Jawans got trapped in the avalanche.

“However, it is with deepest of regrets that we have to state that chances of finding any survivors are now very remote,”Army’s Northern Command Spokesman Lt.Col. S.D. Goswami said.  According to him specialized equipment was flown in on the second day and coordinated operations by specialized teams of army and air force were going on. He also said that Lt. Gen. D.S. Hooda has expressed his condolences on the tragic accident.

Siachen is the world’s highest battlefield and an hotly contested area between India and Pakistan. It is highly inhospitable and the Army commander lauded the soldier’s courage in fighting the elements for protecting the nation’s border.