Child offenders in the process of being hunt down

child offenders

Indonesia: Indonesia’s National Commission on Child Protection decided today to chemically castrate the offender who rapes minors.

President Joko Widodo said that a harsher endorsement will be imposed on pedophiles by injecting a hormone to control sexual activity and libido, in order to reduce the risk of the offender re-offending.

“The president has agreed to include imposing chemical castration in the regulation in lieu of law which also stipulates sexual abuse against children as an extraordinary crime,” said Aris Merdeka Sirait, the commission’s head.

Ever since the arrest of the 24 year old Andri Sobari, also known as Emon, the natural holiday spot where adults and children equally enjoyed the warm water of the spring and cool breeze which is a part of an abandoned resort, gained notorious popularity all through the nation as a rape site.

Emon supposedly raped and sexually assaulted his victims, all underage boys between ages 6 and 13. Police say that at least 113 children have claimed to be victims and that 13 boys have been raped by him, 33 or more sexually harassed and one child was physically battered who tried to resist. Police assume that the number could still increase. Being minors the children were ashamed to disclose the truth to even the closest family. The practice of disgracing the rape victim was common in Indonesia the reason why none of the children ever told anyone what had happened.

Malaysia and India in the onset of increasing rapes recently, consider similar harsh punishments against sexual offenders who find pleasure in such heinous acts. But South Korea was the first Asian country to put it to action and bring about a punishment law in 2011.

In the recent years Indonesia has seen a chain of sex assault cases wherein the news covered the headlines but dying within a couple of days and most of them being a serious issue of pedophile.

Russian, Poland and some states of the US have long ago allowed harsh treatment for pedophiles.