Clothes maketh the woman, or does it?

Throughout our lives, we have been advised of the importance to dress well. In my opinion to dress well is to dress one’s soul as well. Yet, the world always moves ahead and so does our opinions and thought process.

A recent experiment by designer, Mandeep Negi, received much attention and adoration from social media. Before we go ahead, meet Kamla (name changed), a 30-year-old, beautiful mother of two.

In any case, you might presume her to be a model. Well, here’s the catch – Kamla is a maid. She looks after kids, cooks and clean, to stake out a living.

Mandeep Negi, a designer by profession met Kamla on her way from the office. Something in Kamla captures her attention. While exploring the thought for a photo-shoot for their newest collection, Mandeep wonders why not try something new.

Mandeep put the idea to her and watched as Kamala went through an entire range of emotions and reactions; from being taken aback to taking the first gingerly step into a world she knew nothing about modelling.

The new experiment answers the question to whether clothes make a woman or does she infuse her natural charm into an ensemble and make it memorable. You could decide for yourself.

With perfect carriage, style and beauty, Kamala seemed to be the perfect choice for a model, but would this mother of two, working woman from a different background agree to it?