Doctor commits suicide in Hyderabad after shooting his co-worker

doctor suicide

Hyderabad: Shashi Kumar aged 40 of a hospital in Hyderabad committed suicide after shooting his fellow doctor on Monday. He committed suicide at his farmhouse situated in the outskirts of the city.

He shot himself dead with his revolver around midnight at his farmhouse situated at Nakkalapalli.

The police had arrived at the spot to arrest him for the murder attempt of his fellow doctor, but found Shashi Kumar dead. He had a left a suicide note which read that it was not him who shot Udai Kumar but rather he blamed the slay on their partner doctor, Sai Kumar. He also said that he was in the fear of being punished for the murder attempt he never committed. In his note he has named his partners who betrayed him and has asked the police to punish them.

Before the suicide he rang up his wife and asked her to forgive him for the cowardly act.
The shot occurred in a car in the heart of the city.

They were arguing over thee management of a hospital opened recently in the city and during the heated discussion Shashi was flared t heights that he took up his licensed .32 mm revolver and shot him. Udai luckily survived the shot with only injuries under his left ear.

The three doctors had set up a hospital, Laure Hospital in the city investing Rs.15 crore to the project. Shashi Kumar who already owns a hospital invested Rs.75 lakhs, Udai and Sai investing Rs.3 crore and Rs.2.90 crore respectively. The rest of the money was pooled in by some NRIs. Shashi was unhappy when the two had taken the post of CEO and managing director and he thought this would scar his reputation.

The trio had decided to meet up in a restaurant at Himayatnagar, since there are no vacant seats they sat in the parked car and started their discussions.