Farmer suicide is a trend; and a fashionable one too


Maharashtra: With Maharashtra reeling under a severe water and agrarian crisis that pushes many farmers to suicide, Bhartiya Janta Party MP Gopal Shetty believes that not all farmer suicides are genuine, rather it is a fashion.

“Not all farmers’ suicides happen due to unemployment and starvation. A fashion is going on. A trend is on,” said Shetty, who represents north Mumbai.

“If Maharashtra government is giving five lakh rupees as compensation, then some other government in the neighbouring state is giving seven lakh,” he said.”There’s a competition in these people in giving money (compensation) to farmers,” the first time MP said.

Condemning the comments, the opposition party stated that the members displayed a total lack of sensitivity towards farmers issues.

“At a time when Maharashtra is undergoing its worst-ever agrarian crisis, Shetty’s remarks show how insensitive he and his party are towards thousands of farmers who have committed suicide due to debt and crop failure,” MRCC president Sanjay Nirupam said.