Take pride in India’s culture: Modi


Early today, Prime Minister Narendra Modi urged the youth of India to take pride in our nations rich heritage and culture.

Speaking at the meet-the-press conference at the convocation ceremony of Banaras Hindu University (BHU), Modi said that yoga had existed through the ages but it was only when Indians owned the great pride that the UN announced an International Yoga Day in June 21.

The prime minister also urged scholars not to treat ”deekshant’ ceremonies (convocation) as ‘shikshant’ (end of education) but rather as the start of a new phase of learning and development.

The prime minster was also spreading the message through the noble deeds, that the graduating scholars should try and make the best of the country and inspire the others.

“You should have the motivation and the ability to realize your dreams. That’s the real test.One should have the ability to rough it out, on the basis of knowledge, even in face of adversities. Be assured that every such person will make it big,” he said.

The prime minister reached Varanasi, his parliamentary constituency, late on Sunday from Kolkata and spent the night at a guest house.

At Monday’s convocation, Modi distributed 11,620 degrees.

The prime minister gave away medals to meritorious students. He was flanked by the chancellor of BHU, Karan Singh, and Union Human Resource Development Minister Smriti Irani.

The first convocation of BHU was held in 1919 when 32 degrees were given.