Hyderabad airport opens new door to entertainment

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Mumbai: Fropcorn, a Mumbai based enterprise brought up their product to Rajiv Gandhi International Airport (RGIA), Hyderabad which would serve to the needs of the passengers at their requirement.

Fropcorn’s entertainment is presently limited to the passengers of the domestic terminal and would be soon extended to other parts of the airport as well. The movie streaming on requirement operates through a wifi hot spot facility placed at the doors of the security door of the terminal. Fropcorn’s business head, Ayush Huja said that they have also brought out a provision of in-flight entertainment option for the entire span of the journey for the Indian travellers, where the investment in aviation for India is fairly low.

Fropcorn hope their new experiment with flying experience would turn a new leaf for both the travellers and the concerned airline in bringing Hyderabad’s airport to become an active hub for people coming in from the South and Central parts of India.

Fropcorn’s catalogue can be downloaded, free of cost, for the first two weeks.