Is serving a cup of Kashmiri Kahwa antinational??

“There is no flag large enough to cover the shame of killing innocent people.”                                         -Howard...

Is serving a cup of Kashmiri Kahwa antinational??

“There is no flag large enough to cover the shame of killing innocent people.”
                                        -Howard Zinn

jnu                                                                                                                            Photo:Ananthakrishnan
Last year an International Food festival was organised in JNU. Culinary skills of various chefs hailing from many countries are expressed very well. JNU students got their dream chance to enjoy the Lebanese falafel lafa, Palestenian hummus, Srilankan fishcurrry and Desserts from European countries. Apart from these international stalls, Chaat masaala, Pav bhaji etc also was showcased by the stalls in the name of some Indian states. The exile Tibetan community also got thier golden chance to serve the momos .

Initially in these celebration of diversities , Kashmiris also got the chance for a stall. But,  some hours priors to the event , under right wing pressure Kashmiris  were denied the permission to showcase their cuisine. The reason was Kashmir is an Indian state, so they have no right to put a stall in the International Food festival. For the JNU administration, Maharashtra and other states which had a stall in that festival may be Some other countries!!!!. The Kashmiri students organized a protest by serving a cup of Kashmiri Kahwa to fellow JNU-ites and sympathizers. But, the 'patriotic' Vidyarthi Parishath retaliated back  with slogans proclaiming death for traitors and teaching patriotism to these so called 'anti-nationals'.

Today, in front of SIS building, a young Journalist from the holy 'Nation Wants to Know' channel asked a question to a JNU professor. " Last year there was a food festival in JNU. Some Kashmiri students demanded that they need a stall near Palestine Food counter, Don't you think it is anti national?"

My friend ,is this the nationalism you are talking about. A nation in which drinking a cup of Kashmiri Kahwa is termed as anti national!!!

JNU along with progressed minds in India are defending that idea of nationalism, where Kashmiris are alienated from the 'idea of India' in the name of silly excuses. A nation in which, Kashmiris are been forced to express their nationalism twice or thrice in a day. The bakhths and the people barking patriotism from the air conditioned studio rooms can never ever realise the 'rainbow'India, where a dalit, communist, muslim, christian , sikhs and all othere co-existing by sharing thier own wavelengths.

Outrunning all these constructed  'pseudo patriotic' waves in to the wind, Today also JNU witnessed  mass campaign from Dhabas to Dhabas demanding Justice for Kanhaiya Kumar and to resist the saffron terror. The video is as follows:

'mein bhi bolo JNU, tu bhi bolo JNU,  Ganga bolo JNU, Shipra bolo JNU, Tapti bolo JNU, Koyna bolo JNU, Hum bhi bolo JNU...................'