Israel to be encircled with fences, to protect from wild beasts from Mid East: PM


Israel: On Tuesday, Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu declared plans to encircle the Jewish state with fences because of the ‘wild beasts’ from Mideast that imperil the country.

During a tour of the construction site of a new fence along the eastern border, he said, “We are preparing a multi-year plan to surround the entire State of Israel with security fences to protect ourselves in the current Middle East” and while referring to Islamist militants, he also added “In the place where we live, we must defend ourselves against the wild beasts,”

The prime minister also declared that the separation wall in the West Bank will be sealed.

The Israeli state began constructing a 30 km long barrier along its border with Jordan on January 20th. The fence will stretch from Eilat, a resort city to the Airport of Timna. According to official sources in the Ministry of Defense, the entire construction could cost the state about $74 million.