Jesus Christ was a Tamil Hindu named Keshao Krishna, claimed by founder of RSS


Mumbai: A book released in 1946 by one of the founders of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh claims that Jesus Christ was born a Tamil Hindu.

Titled, Christ Parichay, the book claims Jesus was a Vishwakarma Brahmin by birth and in effect Christianity is just a sect of Hinduism. The book has been gaining prominence as a Mumbai based right-wing trust will be reissuing the books for distribution.

The author Ganesh Damodar (Babarao) Savarkar is Vinayak Damodar (Swat-antryaveer) Savarkar’s older brother and is one of the founders of the RSS.

The Swatantryaveer Savarkar Rashtriya Smarak (Savarkar National Memorial), a trust that preserves and propagates the Savarkar brothers’ literature and ideology, will release the Marathi book on February 26.

According to the book, the present-day Palestinian and Arab territories were Hindu land and that Christ had learned Yoga during his travel in India

The other claims include — that Jesus Christ was a Tamil Hindu, his real name was Keshao Krishna, Tamil was his mother tongue, and his complexion was dark.

“There is no mala fide intention in reprinting this particular book after 70 years,” Ranjit Savarkar, executive president, Swatantryaveer Savarkar National Memorial. “It is one of the books that my grandfather (Ganesh Savarkar) authored. His books are not available and hence, we have decided to publish them again for the benefit of readers. I know some people will raise questions. But then what Ganesh Savarkar has written in this book is not new. Many others have researched on the similar lines and drew their own conclusions. Ganesh Savarkar too did his research before writing the book.”

Father Warner D’Souza, Senior priest and the director of the Bombay Archdiocesan Heritage Museum, said such books cannot shake the faith of true Christians.

“Ours is a country that is deeply and beautifully religious and we think god resides in our hearts,” he said. “A few people upset everybody else by these claims, but by and large, this is such a beautiful country of faith. And the gospels themselves and the New Testament were not written to give us historical facts. They are to give faith and experience to their disciplines. So, such a book will hardly disturb true Christians. More important, no Christian should be disturbed, and less importance such things are given the better.”