JNU crisis: University's central library web page hacked

[caption id='attachment_266667' align='aligncenter' width='680'] Photo : Anantha Krishnan[/caption]The Central Library website of JNU was hacked by...

JNU crisis: University

[caption id="attachment_266667" align="aligncenter" width="680"]Photo : Anantha Krishnan Photo : Anantha Krishnan[/caption]

The Central Library website of JNU was hacked by the group 'Black Dragons'. The group is associated with many pro-indian cyber attacks and defaced the university web page because of which now the page is not available.

The hacker group warns the students: "So, As You Said "Kashmir ki Aazadi Tak Jang Rahegi-Jang Rahegi" You are thinking that you will get Kashmir just by barking in the Campus of

JNU, As I also ... "

While trying to access Central Library's landing page is showing an error message "Service Temporarily Unavailable. The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later." This could be as a result of restoration process by the university.

[caption id="attachment_266666" align="aligncenter" width="581"]JNU website hacked The JNU Central Library page was hacked by a group named Black Dragons.[/caption]

The hacker group were well known for its attack on Pakistan People's Party website and Pakistani Railway website.

About 8,000 students are studying in JNU.  JNU library is regarded as one of the largest libraries in South Asia.

G Arunima, a Professor in JNU posted on her Facebook profile:
 "what a nationalist move - hacking a university's library website! you think this will stop us from teaching and learning? no - we will teach under trees, in dhabas, on parthasarathi rock. we will give students books from our own personal libraries to read. our ongoing conversations, intellectual and political, will always continue. you are irritants, but we don't fear you. and all this just proves how anti intellectual and anti education the hindutva-wadis are. so stop going on about your silly taxpayer's money, blah blah blah."

While talking to Narada News, a student in JNU termed this act as a conspiracy to curb the free thought and right to education guaranteed by the constitution. "Look who is teaching us patriotism, these cowards don't even care about the fundamental rights of education," he said. The wi-fi services in the campus have been restricted after the hacking.

Tomorrow is the second hearing on the case of sedition charged against JNUSU president Kanhaiya Kumar.