Journalist sexually assaulted in Belgium


Belgium: The grotesque news that shook media all over the world, on Saturday was about the Belgian journalist who was sexually assaulted by two drunken German yobs while she was reporting live on air.

RTBF journalist Esmeralda Labye was reporting the Cologne carnival, when two men sexually assaulted her by grabbing her breast and groped her butt.

Esmeralda Labye, as per the reports, was evidently unaware that the young men were making obscene gestures from behind her back at the same time whispering to her ears asking her if she would love to sleep with them that night.

As per the police reports the men had been registered under multiple sexual assault cases. The event happened on the Cologne carnival – where more than 2,000 police had been drafted in following multiple sexual assaults in the city over New Year’s Eve.

But while the New Year’s Eve assaults have been largely blamed on a mob of young migrant men, the assault on Ms Labye was carried out by Germans.

The shocking incident took place in the Alter Markt district of the town when journalist appeared on air for the 1 pm news for the Radio Télévision Belge de la Communauté Française (RTBF).

Speaking to the media, she said “The camera man and I could tell there were a lot of drunk people around. Even someone with flu would have been able to smell the alcoholic fumes,”

“When I started my broadcast at 1.14pm, two or three men monopolized attention. I didn’t see them, as I was focusing on my live broadcast and they were behind me”

“I got a kiss on the back of the neck. It was women’s day in Cologne, and there was a lot of kissing. In this context I wasn’t worried, so I continued my report”, she added.

“Later, I could see on the footage that the person behind me mimed an obscene gesture – something that shouldn’t have been on camera. He was mimicking sexual intercourse a number of times.

The broadcast lasted for a total of 90 seconds, after which Labye waited a couple of seconds to allow those in the studio to thank her before she went off air.

‘It was at that moment that one of the three men around me touched my breasts,’ she revealed.

‘I lost my temper. Knowing we were no longer live, I turned around and told them in English: “You did that twice, not once! Don’t touch me, don’t touch me”

‘The three drunks didn’t seem to understand why I was angry, but they left without a word,” The police are investigating on the issue and later leaflets were handed out to migrants that included rules to follow, such as no urinating in the street and strict guidelines on appropriate behavior of men towards women – including the statement ‘no means no.