Kerala challenged in her traditional coir industry

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Kerala: Kerala feels a pitch down in her coir industry which is the biggest fortune maker for her with the coir exports to China worth Rs 300. Coir is the biggest cottage industry for Kerala and a source of major revenue for her.
The coir export to China started with the 2008 Olympics when a large quantity of coir mattresses was imported into the country. Kerala’s challenge started when China bought machines to produce yarn from fibre.

Kerala’s yarn needs were met from the neighboring state of Tamil Nadu. Being a major buyer, Tamil Nadu provided with the necessary needed order. But as China entered the transaction, Tamil Nadu began concentrating more on her new buyer, to satisfy the needs of the varieties of the yarn that China wanted. Kerala began losing her finest quality yarn to her new rival in the business which was considered to be her call.

But the irony to the scenario rests when Kerala produces six billion coconuts every year and has to buy yarn (produced from the husk of the coconut) from Tamil Nadu, the reason because there are not enough workers to pick up the husks. Kerala land owners own small holds of land and they do not have enough workers even to climb and pluck coconuts because workers are not paid adequately and they feel they have to be given equal remuneration for their onerous work involved. Moreover, Kerala sticks on to the conventional methods of yarn making, which is tedious and time-consuming.

But Tamil Nadu has taken it on a serious note, extending the lands to acres producing trees and appointing enough workers to pick the husk to later make yarn out of them.

Kerala has now taken up plans to turn husks to yarn rather than leaving it to rot which had to be thought about a decade ago.