LIVE RAIL BUDGET 2016 : Highlights of Suresh Prabhu's second budget

[caption id='attachment_267562' align='aligncenter' width='680'] Suresh Prabhu, Railways Minister[/caption]Union Railways Minister Suresh Prabhu...

LIVE RAIL BUDGET 2016 : Highlights of  Suresh Prabhu

[caption id="attachment_267562" align="aligncenter" width="680"]Suresh Prabhu, Railways Minister Suresh Prabhu, Railways Minister[/caption]

Union Railways Minister Suresh Prabhu has presented his second Railway Budget in Parliament. The minister on  the eve of the Budget had  said that the rail budget will cater to the needs of all "satisfactorily" as a lot of effort has gone into its preparation. Let's see what he will (Suresh Prabhu) give, whether bullet train is going or people going to get bullets says Congress leader of Opposition in Lok Sabha Mallikarjun Kharge .

Suresh Prabhu  further stated that the budget is reflective of the aspirations of the entire railway family, the common man who have been talking to him  on  social media and meeting him, and of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.  These are challenging times. We need to reorganise, restructure.

*   Capital outlay of Indian Railways seen at Rs 1.21 lakh crore in 2017.

  • We will be at the forefront of infrastructure development in the country.

  •   High-end technology for safety will be implemented.

  • Cut cost to non-manned processes

*   Increase speed of freight trains by 50kmph, of mail trains by 80kmph.

  • Action has been taken on 139 budget announcements in the last budget. For the first time, an implementation report has been made.

  •  We plan to commission to 2,800 km of tracks. We would be surpassing the ambitious target of 2,500 Kms of broad gauge line this year

  • We have poised to commission 7km per day against the average 4.3 km per day. This will go up to 13km per day by 2017-18 and 19km per day by 2019.

  • 1,600 km of electrification this year and 2,000 km in the next year are proposed

  •   More dedicated freight corridors to accommodate the increased demand in  freight transport.

  • Outlining 3 pillars of strategy – raise new revenues, raise productivity and efficiency and revamp the processes.

  • There will be no unmanned railway crossings by 2020

    * Port connectivity and North East connectivity will be priority in this budget

    * Mizoram and Manipur to be brought under broad gauge soon

    Transparency to be encouraged, online recruitment and social media to be the tools

  • Indian Railways gets one lakh phone calls everyday to give feedback.

    Social Media has been converted to a complaint redressal mechanism

  • 72 new trains have been given housekeeping services.

    * About 2,500 water vending machines have been provided at railway stations.

  • Increasing quota for lower berths for senior citizens by 50%

    * 1,780 automatic ticket vending machines have been added to stations.

    * Braille enabled train wagons implemented for specially abled people

    * Wi-Fi facility have been provided to 100 stations. It will be increased to 400 stations in next two years, in partnership with Google.

  • Ring railway system to be set up in Delhi with the help of state government.

  • Mumbai needs a robust transport system - two elevated suburban corridors between Churchgate and Virar, CSTM and Panvel.

  • Anti-collision device on all high density networks by next year,