Mid day meal Poisoning in Mumbai -17 Children critically ill


In another incident of mass food poisoning, around 100 children had been hospitalized after eating a free midday meal at a government school near Mumbai. Most of the kids are aged between 6 and 14.  According to the latest reports, 17 children are critically ill.

“Ninety-seven have been admitted to hospital, a few of them are critical. They started vomiting after eating their midday meal,” Shrikrishna Kokate, deputy police chief of Palghar district in the western state of Maharashtra, told AFP.

“We have sent teams to the school to take samples. It looks to be a case of food poisoning,” Kokate said.

The Indian government’s midday meal programme is the world’s largest, feeding 120 million children daily and for many it is their only substantial daily meal. But the scheme is hampered by corruption and inefficiency.

This is often visible with the students often falling sick after eating contaminated and poorly prepared food. It was only in 2013, about two dozen children died in an impoverished district of Bihar after they ate a meal laced with pesticide.