Mozilla quits Firefox OS services


Mozilla, the leading free-software over the internet would end its facility based support to Firefox OS on smartphones with the release of its latest 2.6 operating version.

Firefox said, “This means that Firefox OS for smartphones will no longer have staff involvement beyond May.”
The stoppage of services was announced after the revelation Mozilla made that the Firefox OS platform would not be available on smartphones which was created to help the mobile companies in designing budget priced smartphones.

The market will cease to agree the acceptance of android, desktop and tablet installed with a Firefox for Android, Firefox OS or Firefox desktop from March 29th.

Revealed in 2012, Firefox OS was built as alternative software for operating mobile phone. But the operating systems like Android that came up later was able to corner OS, thus losing a stronghold grip in the market.
the strong competition from Apple and Google and a smaller push from Microsoft has forced Mozilla to make a silent exit.