Nepal PM will visit India: Hopes to mend relations with India


Nepal: K P Oli, Nepal Prime Minister, is likely to make a trip to India for six days next week. This comes at a time when relations between the two countries are not at their best relations.

A Nepal daily stated that the visit comes at a time when the two countries are at their “worst for a long time”.

Speaking to the press, Oli said that the visit is “at a time when the Nepal-India relations are widely acknowledged to be at their worst for a long time. As such, both Kathmandu and New Delhi have a major responsibility to repair relations”.

Oli also asserted that “The first task will be to convince the Indian leadership that the constitution promulgated last year will take into account the desires and demands of as great a section of the Nepali population as possible”.

“The government is serious about taking the Madhesis into confidence and bringing stability and peace to the Terai, a region that has been restive for quite a few months now. Taking Delhi into confidence without compromising on national interests is to skill Nepali leaders will have to learn,” he added.

The message from Oli included steps to restore normalcy in relations. “Since Indian Prime Minister (Narendra) Modi’s first visit to Nepal, scepticism has grown in the Indian diplomatic establishment regarding Nepal’s will and ability to take the relationship forward.”

The Nepal daily also went on to say that the Nepali state had been exceedingly slow in utilising the support pledged by the Indian government.

“For example, Modi had announced that India would grant $1 billion line of credit to Nepal. The Nepali government has made no effort at all to utilise these funds. Nor has it made any effort to receive, let alone utilise, the large sum that India had pledged for post-earthquake reconstruction,” said the Nepal PM Oli.