Netaji died in crash, claims interpreter

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The never-ending controversy related to the death of Subash Chandra Bose has taken another turn. Kazunori Kunizka, who worked as an interpreter with Netaji had recorded in his diary the last days of Bose as well as his death due to the plane crash at Taipei on 18th August 1945.

The website boseflies. Info has made the above claim. The London based website has been issuing serialized revelations and is also backing the theory that Netaji had succumbed to death due to the crash. The last claim was made based on information it received from the London correspondent of the Japanese Daily Sankei Shimbun.

Noburu Okabe, the correspondent from the Japanese daily had handed over the copy of the dairy to Ashish ray, the nephew of Netaji.

“The diary is in Japanese. We will get it translated and post relevant portions from it in due course,” Ray said.