Pink is a luxury

pink-tax good

It will not be an exaggeration if I say that we, women are being screwed over by companies that sell products for both men and women, only at different prices. I am talking about real fresh serial fast cash that we exchange for the expensive products, like an eye-liner or a mascara.

Alright, may be men do not need an eye-liner or a mascara, well most men do not. But there are variants like a face wash, moisturizer, deodorants, and even perfumes that cost at least 40 per cent more for women as opposed to men.

The money that we lose, by shopping in the women’s aisle, or rather the gender pricing, called the ‘PINK TAX’ happens in salons, lingerie shops, cosmetologists and even clothing.

Take a look a few items.

Item Men Women
T-Shirt Starts from Rs 399 Starts from Rs 699
Lingerie Starts from Rs 130 Starts from Rs 299
Deodorant Starts from Rs 120 Starts from Rs 165
Razor Starts from Rs 299 Starts from Rs 380

And this is just the tip of the ice-berg.

The women’s products are way costlier than men and the markup escalates mostly when the cost of all the products bought by women are tallied especially when the ingredients, used to manufacture products for both genders, are almost the same.

Study showed that men who used women’s products and women who used men’s products, for over a week, did not feel a difference except the men’s version were a lot more cheaper.

This is the case for watches, shoes and clothing. The problem spikes when marketing is focused on female products. What has got flowers and is pink, is more expensive and what is black, with an image of a skull, tends to be cheaper.

In 2011, researchers from the University of Central Florida found that women paid more for deodorants, razors and body spray. This is seen mainly on International retailers and brands.

However, it is only a myth to believe that all the price differentials for seemingly identical products can be explained away on colour and gender demand. As far as marketing goes, it seems like male and female products sold by the same company, reveals a selling price difference on items like toothbrushes, fragrances, bags, and backpacks. Yet, as long as there is not a legit law against this, women might want to consider using their husbands’, fathers’ or boy-friends’ products.