Police Brutality in New Delhi

The video of Delhi Police ruthlessly beating up the student protesters outside the Rashtriya Swayam Sevak Sangh (RSS) office during a protest in support of Rohith Vemula has become viral on the Internet.

On January 30, a group of students had gathered outside the RSS office at Jhandewalah demanding justice for Rohith. The protest was organized by the Joint Action Committee for Social Justice.

The one minute video, shared by students on the social media, shows Delhi Police lathi-charging the protesters who were seem shouting “sharam karo” (show some shame ) and carrying placard’s with Rohith’s face on them. The Police slaps students on their faces, dragged the students and beat them brutally, grabbed the hair and pinned them down. Male Policeman manhandled the female protesters, dragged them in the hair and pulled them down.

“The Delhi police opened lathi charge on the students who were peacefully marching towards the RSS office in New Delhi…They beat many of the students very brutally till they bled. Some Rss goons too joined in beating the students who were let free by the police. When I was taking video of the police lathi charging the students I noticed one of this RSS goons throwing a blue colour rod on the students…I shouted from behind and saw the police picking him up…When I asked the police to catch him, that person held my hand and dragged me….When I screamed out loud, to my utter shock one of the policeman rather than rescuing me, he hit my camera with all his might.
Shame on the BJP government and it’s RSS agenda.
Down with Hindu Fascism…” said Sanghapali Aruna Kornana in the description section of the Youtube video.

The video clearly shows that apart from Police, some men in plain clothes also joins in fest hitting and slapping the protesters.. Some student protesters and witnesses claimed that Delhi Police is hand in glove with the RSS activists in beating up the students brutally.

The video is creating a political storm in social media. Popular leaders and common people are sharply criticising Delhi Police for this heinous act.

Mean while,Delhi Commission of Woman chief Swati Malliwal questioned the absence of woman constable in the action and said that they would issue a notice to Delhi Police regarding the”unacceptable”incident.

While students across the country are marching on the streets, sitting on hunger strikes, staging protests demanding that Hyderabad University VC Appa Rao be sacked and arrested under the SC/ST Prevention of Atrocity Act, the HRD ministry has promoted him as the Acting Chairperson of National Council of Rural Institutes.