Pollution concerns forces Beijing to regulate fireworks

Chinese new year decoration

The Chinese will have to celebrate the coming lunar New Year without firecrackers, it seems. The administration of Beijing, one of the worst-polluted cities in the world is considering banning firework depending on the pollution forecast for the lunar New Year.

Use of firecrackers for celebrations is part of Chinese belief as they believe the sound of firecrackers will ward off evil and bad luck when the New Year dawns. With the use of fireworks definitely set to rise the administration is taking steps in advance.

There are different levels of pollution intensity according to the forecast and an orange or red air quality warning will warrant a ban of fireworks. Meanwhile the number of vendors selling firecrackers has come down. Firecrackers will be available for sale for 10 days from Feb 3 and any unsold ones will have to be returned to storage facilities by Feb 18, according to Beijing’s Administration of work safety. Strict guidelines aiming to limit firework usage during the 2016 Spring Festival celebrations have also been put in place including fines for those not obliging.

Meanwhile eco-friendly fireworks are gaining popularity among the Chinese. Since they do not have sulphur they produce less smoke and many are buying them especially through e-commerce platforms.